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Neutrino Mistakes: Wrong Hints and Tracks, Hopes and Failures

Čtvrtek, 12.09.2019 14:00

Přednášející: Dr. Maury Goodman (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
Místo: Přednáškový sál v budově FZÚ, Na Slovance 2, Praha 8
Jazyk: anglicky
Pořadatelé: Sekce fyziky elementárních částic

At the 2018 Neutrino History Conference, the great progress in understanding neutrinos was reviewed. But there have been many instances of misunderstanding which led to wrong measurements or speculation for new features of neutrino physics that are not now accepted as correct. Given the notion that we learn from our mistakes, I'll review seven such episodes (including superluminal neutrinos and the 17 keV neutrino). No clear conclusions were drawn from this exercise, but some interesting issues regarding putative wrong results will be discussed.

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