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Magnetoelectric Nanorobot – A revolutionary nanoscale device for targeted treatment

Úterý, 04.02.2020 10:00

Přednášející: Soutik Betal
Místo: Jaroslav Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Dolejškova 3, Praha 8
Jazyk: English
Pořadatelé: Oddělení dielektrik
World’s Smallest medical robot as the record set on Guinness World Records works on magnetoelectric mechanism in a core-shell heterostructured nanocomposite. Under influence of remotely applied modulated magnetic field, the core and shell of the nanostructure interact with each other to generate high localized electric field. The magnetic body guides and excites Nanorobot’s propel. The on demand shell’s electrification gives Nanorobot, a capability to act as an ambient electrical field sensor in bio-cellular environment and performs four remotely controlled cellular interactions. Sensing minute electrical energy differences between different cell types, targeted single cell electroporation, usage of electrostatic force to increase Nanorobot’s propelling speed, and Transport targeted cells to unlimited distance with microscale preciseness in microvascular environment. These phenomenal functions of Nanorobot addresses the solution to current technological limits in the treatment methods of diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s. These Nanorobots provide following unique techniques for solving some of the biology’s principle problems: 1. Techniques for fundamental studies of electrical phenomena’s in single cell of different types at nanoscale, 2. Targeted drug delivery (localized treatments without harmful exposure), 3. Transport of surrounding or modified cells for microvascular repair and nerve/neuronal path regeneration, 4. Dynamic and static single cell electroporation studies, 5. Monitoring modified nerves, cells or area.