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Active nanophotonics in strong coupling regime and phosphorescent optical waveguides

Úterý, 17.09.2019 10:00

Přednášející: John Bigeon (Université de Rennes 1, FRANCE)
Místo: Cukrovarnická 10, budova A, knihovna
Jazyk: AJ
Pořadatelé: Oddělení tenkých vrstev a nanostruktur
The wide use of active media in nanophotonics requires the understanding and control of a multitude of light matter interactions at the nanoscale. In the first part, i will present how the formation of ultra-dense arrays of dyes with designed molecular orientation manifests unique feature in nanophotonics. For example, we have determined that the strong coupling regime, regime where the light-matter interaction gives rise to hybrid states depends on the molecular orientation of dyes. When this consideration is applied to nanostructures (distributed feedback laser or bowties), original effects were simulated by FDTD or transfer matrix method. Finally, I will present phosphorescent waveguiding in microwire employing organic matrix doped with organometallic nanoclusters. Elaboration of microwire centimeters-long with high internal quantum efficiency (~80%) has been demonstrated and can be used in different applications, from Optical coherence tomography to fiber-based saturable absorbers. To fully understand gain amplification or loss processes in this optical micro-waveguide, probe of triplet states with a homemade pump-probe spectroscopy is finally presented.