RNDr. Pavel Hubík, CSc.

Employee function
Head of Laboratory
+420 220 318 573
hubik [at] fzu.cz
A 47/1

In the Transport Phenomena Laboratory of the Semiconductor Department we deal with the experimental studies of electrical properties of solids, and especially semiconductors. We concentrate not only on effects important for applications in electronic devices, but also on features being essential for understanding basic phenomena in solids, including quantum mechanical processes. Presently, we aim at promising wide-band gap materials, e.g. artificial diamond and gallium nitride. Preferentially we investigate thin layers of these materials and structures presenting a base of various devices (high-electron mobility transistors and radiation detectors). Objects with a reduced dimension (interfaces, surfaces, nanocrystals, nanosheets) are frequent subjects of our research. Just these structures are expected to have the highest application potential (e.g. due to high surface/volume ratio) and simultaneously these systems exhibit the above-mentioned quantum effects most prominently. Investigation of electron transport in various solids has led us to research into analogous tasks e.g. in biological objects and to a more general physical problems in areas of electrostatics, thermal phenomena and properties and definition of temperature (in cooperation with the Solid state theory group of our department).