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Seminar / Tuesday, 17.07.2018 14:00

Alessandro Drago (Ferrara University, Italy )

I will discuss what we have learnt from the first merger of two neutron stars observed in gravitational waves and in E.M. waves. My discussion will include information coming from new theoretical analyses and also from x-ray data collected by satellites.

Workshop / Monday, 10.09.2018 to Friday, 14.09.2018

The Gravity@Prague summer school will feature a set of advanced lecture courses around the theme of gravity given by experts in the field. The courses are aimed at advanced graduate students and young postdocs who have a strong interest in the theoretical aspects of gravity and in using gravitational theory to model the universe.

Lecturers and topics:

Geoffrey Compère: Infrared Structure of Gravity
Matthias Gaberdiel: Higher-Spin Field Theories
Zohar Komargodski: Conformal Field Theory
Samaya N....

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