In recent years, the semiconductor department has focused mainly on research in semiconductors with a wide band gap, especially nitride semiconductors and carbon-based materials, e.g. diamond.


The Semiconductor department consists of nine working groups or laboratories. Our key activities include:

  • Design, preparation and characterization of heterostructures based on nitride semiconductors for electronic and luminescence applications
  • Preparation and understanding of the physical/chemical properties of materials based on carbon, dominantly diamond
  • Study of physical phenomena at the interface of said materials

Both technological directions, nitride and diamond, are supported by unique characterization techniques that enable the study of prepared materials and give feedback to the technologies for further optimization for a specific purpose (low-temperature deposition, application of layers without tension, etc.). Analytical and characterization focused laboratories have a wide range of techniques such as photoluminescence measurement, cathodoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, measurement of transport and electrical properties of semiconductors, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, Fourier infrared spectroscopy, measurement of electron work output using a Kelvin microprobe. The interpretation of measured results is supported by theoretical models and predictions within our theoretically focused group.

The department actively cooperates with industrial enterprises in various application areas as well as scientific institutions and universities in the education of students and young scientists. Most of our laboratories allow external interested parties access to analytical-technological techniques, some of which work in the "open access" mode. Within the broad spectrum of our activities, we offer cooperation in the field of technology for the preparation of nitride heterostructures and diamond layers, the application of various thin layers, the creation of basic electronic and opto-electronic elements, and more.

Odd. 14 - Skupina diamantové technologie
Dept. 14 - Diamond Growth Research Group
Společné foto členů odd. 14, pořízené v zasedacím sále knihovny Cukrovarnická.
Common photo of members of the Department of Semiconductors taken in a lecture room of library Cukrovarnická.