Preparation of halide crystals


The prepared materials are chlorides, bromides and iodides (pure and doped with transition metals and rare earth metals) alkaline - Na, K, Rb, Cs, lead PbX2 (X - Cl, Br, I), double alkaline-lead - KPb2Cl5, RbPb2Cl5, RbPb2Br5, CsPbCl3, CsPbBr3, and other double alkali and transition metal halides - Cs2HfCl6, Cs2ZrCl6, etc.

The crystals are grown either by the traditional Bridgman method

Krystal Cs2HfCl6 vypěstovaný Bridgmanovou metodou
The Cs2HfCl6 crystal grown by the Bridgman method (left) and the blue luminescence of one of the scraps when irradiated with a UV lamp (right)

or by the mentioned micro-pulling-down method. This method is adapted for preparation and growth of hygroscopic materials.

Halide crystals grown by micro-pulling-down method.


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