The centrepiece of our laboratory is an atomic force microscope Dimension ICON from Bruker. It is equipped with a wide scale of characterization techniques to probe electric (C-AFM and KPFM, both in a standard or PeakForce version), magnetic (MFM) and mechanical (QNM) properties of the materials on a nanometric scale. Due to the combination of tip scanning and a large fully mechanized sample table, we are able to measure an extensive variety of samples with extremely low noise. This combination is further enhanced by the special cells for measurements both in liquid and nitrogen protective atmosphere as well as cooling and heating extensions. Thanks to the versatility of our setup, we are able to cooperate with a large amount of other groups both on the national and international level and provide sophisticated measurements of advanced materials for semiconductor, spintronic or photovoltaic applications. Our lab is part of the large research infrastructure CzechNanoLab, which allows to provide an accessible AFM services to a large scale of applicants. Our own research is primarily towards the electric properties of materials with applications in modern photovoltaics like silicon selective contact or perovskites.