FZU Projects

Název Poskytovatel a program Řešitel z FZU Rok zahájení Rok ukončení
1D molecular polymers on surfaces GACR » GAČR-EXPRO doc. Ing. Pavel Jelínek, Ph.D. 2020 2024
A MAGNETO-ELECTRIC LIQUID for innovative sensing EU projekty - Horizon2020 » Future and Emerging Technologies RNDr. Vladimíra Novotná, CSc. 2020 2023
Advanced Microcantilevers from Wide Bandgap Materials MSMT » MSMT-other doc. Ing. Alexander Kromka, DrSc. 2020 2021
Advanced single crystal scintillators prepared by crucible-free method GA AVCR » Mezinárodní spolupráce doc. Ing. Martin Nikl, CSc. 2020 2021
Anti-reflective and Ultra high absorber metamaterials for solar thermal systems MSMT » MOBILITY Joris More Chevalier, Ph.D. 2020 2021
Applied String Field Theory GACR » GAČR-EXPRO Mgr. Martin Schnabl, Ph.D. 2020 2024
Attosecond nanophysics at plasmonic nanostructures GACR » International bilateral Marcelo Fabián Ciappina, Ph.D. 2020 2021
Codoping tool for extrinsic and intrinsic charge trapping centers suppression in oxide scintillators GACR » Standard Ing. Valentyn Laguta, DrSc. 2020 2022
Combined severe plastic deformation for producing shaped ultra-fine-grained materials with gradient structures GACR » Standard prof. Ing. Pavel Lejček, DrSc. 2020 2022
Crystallography and mineralogy of supergene weathering products of uraninite at the nanoscale GACR » Standard Mgr. Jakub Plášil, Ph.D. 2020 2022
Design of functional photochromic self-assembling materials and smart composites for advanced photonic applications MSMT » MOBILITY Ing. Alexey M. Bubnov, Ph.D. 2020 2021
Development and Optimisation of Laser-Based Additive, Subtractive and Transformative Platforms for the Tooling Industry TACR » Delta Bc. Václav Svoboda 2020 2022