FZU Projects

Project Title / Acronym Principal Investigator Provider and Programme Year of Commencement Year of Completion
Brain 4 Industry (B4I) (EDIH B4I) Ing. Alexandr Dejneka, Ph.D. Other programs » Other International Programs 2023 2025
EuPRAXIA Doctoral Network (EuPRAXIA) Dr. Alexander Molodozhentsev EU-Horizon Europe » MSCA-DN 2023 2026
Galaxy mergers in the era of large surveys (GalaxyMergers) Ivana Ebrová, Ph.D. EU-Horizon Europe » MSCA-PF 2023 2025
High-quality Laser-driven Proton beams for multidisciplinary (HLPA) Daniele Margarone, Ph.D. EU-Horizon Europe » MSCA-PF 2023 2025
Modified gravity: from compact objects to dark energy (MGCODE) Dr. Leonardo G. Trombetta EU-Horizon Europe » WIDERA ERA Fellowhips 2023 2024
Physics for Future (P4F) Mgr. Ilona Skordis Gottwaldová, BPhil Isl EU-Horizon Europe » MSCA-COFUND 2023 2027
TECHNOLOGY FOR HIGH-REPETITION-RATE INTENSE LASER LABORATORIES (THRILL) Ing. Daniel Kramer, Ph.D. EU-Horizon Europe » Research Infrastructures 2023 2026
200 W Nd-ceramic split disk laser for semiconductor annealing Ing. Ondřej Novák, Ph.D. TACR » DELTA 2 2022 2025
2D sandwiches, artificial layered building blocks for multifunctional materials (2D-sandwich) Dr. Timotheus Verhagen EU-Horizon Europe » ERC-STG 2022 2027
3D architectures of Mxenes for Terahertz Applications (3D-AM-TERA) doc. RNDr. Petr Kužel, Ph.D. EU-Horizon2020 » MSCA-IF 2022 2024
Advanced Plasmonic Biosensor for Continuous Monitoring of Low Molecular Weight Analytes Jakub Dostálek, PhD. GACR » International Bilateral 2022 2024
Chiral induced spin selectivity effect (CISS) on single helical molecules and their structures Mgr. Oleksandr Stetsovych, Ph.D. GACR » Standard 2022 2024