AFM Bruker Dimension Icon, AFM Veeco Dimension IV


It has been more than 30 years since Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) become one of the primary research tools in the nano-world. The AFM Bruker Icon microscope is designed for measuring 3D topography, mechanical, magnetic and electrical properties of various samples with nanometer resolution. In our laboratory, we have one of the best commercially available AFM - Bruker Dimension Icon.


The following modes are available:

- Tapping mode

- Contact mode

- PeakForce (PF) mode. PF-QNM mode allows the study of mechanical properties of nanostructures: adhesion, deformation, dissipation, elasticity. Routinely creates high-resolution images with PeakForce Tapping. Electrical characterization using Peakforce where it was previously impossible.

- Conductive AFM mode, Kelvin probe mode and Magnetic Force microscopy mode are available for more advanced study and allow to receive routinely quantifiable mechanical data and real-time investigation of the chemical information of atoms.

- Measurements in liquids are also possible.