FZU visiting students were successful at Open Science 2019 conference

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As part of the Open Science programme, on November 21 and 22, 2019, a Student Scientific Conference took place presenting results of students’ study stays. In the scientific area about inanimate nature two first places, two second places and two third places have been awarded. FZU visiting students have been successful three times.

The first prize was awarded to Petr Kahan, who, under Aleš Cahlík’s supervision and within the “Nanoworld” – how to display atoms and examine their magnetic properties?” theme, developed a method of antiferromagnetic spike etching from a MnNi alloy. He subsequently used the spikes to study magnetic properties of atomic systems by a spin-polarized scanning tunnelling microscope (STM).

The second prize was awarded to Matěj Havelka, who focused, under Petr Tobiška’s supervision and within the “Photodetectors for Particle Physics” theme, on the characteristics of photomultipliers – from the production of resistive divider through the construction of the apparatus to the measurement and data evaluation.

The third prize was awarded to Šimon Sukup, who, under Oleg Heczk’s supervision worked and within the widely defined “Study of martensitic transformation and phase interfaces using optical and electron microscopy” theme, on the comparison of magnetic and mechanical energy needed for a magnetically induced reorientation, and on the successful construction of a nano-pump based on this effect.

Author: Petr Tobiška

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