Neuron Award

Neuron Prizes: Václav Petříček and Prokop Hapala among the ten awarded


On September 28, the Neuron Endowment Fund awarded two leading scientists of the Institute of Physics. In the Pantheon of the National Museum, Václav Petříček received the highest prize awarded, Neuron Prize for Contribution to World Science, and Prokop Hapala was ranked by the Neuron Board among seven promising young scientists awarded.

Further two Neuron prizes with connection to Institute of Physics CAS


For his contribution to world science, prof. Petr Hořava, PhD was awarded. Apart from the principal „senior“ Neuron Award acknowledging top scientists, there is also a “Neuron Impulses” category focused on young scientists in the Czech Republic. In 2015, Mgr. Anna Fučíková, PhD, has won this prize in the field of physics.