SAFMAT - Centre of Functional Materials Analyses (SAFMAT)


The aim of the SAFMAT centre project is mainly progress of research and development potential including research infrastructure and human resources in nanotechnology areas. In term of research types the project is focused on: - Surface analyses under ultra-clean vacuum conditions by means of NanoESCA instruments , which is a new sophisticated analytical instrument designed for imaging and small spot photoemission spectroscopy with photoemission electron microscopy One of the most demanding branches of experimental solid state physics requiring enormous concentration of material and human resources of high qualification. The assertion and retention of Czech companies on challenging world trades will require the implementation, in many fields, of ultra-high vacuum technologies (UHV, low pressure) and preparation materials that are precisely defined in terms of atomic composition and structure, i.e. analyzed in sub-nanoscale. - bulk analyses and study of subsurface centres and defects in semiconductor materials, ferroics and other ?smart? materials responsible for electric charge transport or excitation of energetic quanta by means of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) This trend of research is vital for modern material analysis. The latest diagnostic devices work with micrometric space resolution and at same time attain up to femtosecond time resolution for transient processes. Natural requirement is the determination of concentration, charge state, valence, electronic structure or arrangement pattern in the host structure.