Advanced single crystal scintillators prepared by crucible-free method


Scintillation materials are used for detection of high energy photons, accelerated charged particles or neutrons in high energy/nuclear physics, medical imaging, security techniques, defectoscopy and high-tech industry. In this project, we will prepare the most advanced and innovative single crystal multicomponent oxide scintillators, incl. their further optimization by novel codoping concepts, by the breakthrough innovative crucible-free method which enables the air or even pure oxygen growth atmosphere. Such a preparation route is highly beneficial for limiting oxygen vacancies and related deep electron traps which are critically detrimental for scintillation timing and efficiency characteristics. We will prepare the same compositions by classical Czochralski growth and will characterize and compare the equivalent materials prepared by both techniques for their scintillation performance and occurrence of trapping states acting in scintillation mechanism. We will evaluate the application potential of this breakthrough innovative preparation route of advanced scintillators.