Research focus
1) Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) for preparation of thin films.
2) Preparation of biocompatible doped thin layers.
3) Preparation of bioactive thin films.
4) Preparation of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic thin films.
5) Preparation of thin layers of thermal skutterudites for thermoelectric applications.
6) Hybrid deposition systems PLD (dual PLD, PLD combination with other additional discharge, magnetron sputtering or ion bombardment) for preparing suitable films, multilayers and graded layers.
7) Preparation of thin hydroxyapatite layers to cover dental implants.
8) Preparation of DLC thin films for coverage of vascular and articular implants, and other medical applications.
9) Preparation of thin films for planar optical lasers.
10) Preparation of thin films for gas detectors.
11) Homogeneous coverage of large areas using PLD.
12) Preparation of organic films by MAPLE.
13) Preparation of nanoparticles using the excimer laser.


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