Thin films for optoelectronics and sensors - preparation and defects investigation


Project continues the successful previous project 2016-2018 that dealt with preparation of thin films perspective materials for optoelectronics and utilization of non-destructive contactless techniques based on stimulated electron emission for their properties characterization. We will continue the research of materials for application in optoelectronics and extend it to materials for application in chemical gas sensors. It will include black metals (BMs) (eg. Al, Au, Pt, Pd) that are very perspective materials to absorb optical and other ranges of electromagnetic radiation as well as they can serve as a platform for chemical gas sensors. However, optical properties and stability of BMs in dependence on their fabrication technology modes and temperature are still unknown. The stability of BMs films will be tested due to prethreshold photo electron and exoelectron emission spectroscopy. We also intend deal ZnO and SnO2 doped with Eu and Sm; Al2O3 doped with C or other radiation sensitive dopants, where the effect of laser annealing will be studied.