Winners of the high school science competition have been presented their awards by the FZU director

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Coilgun, observation and processing of miner planet occultation using CMOS cameras or determination of the atomic structure of surfaces using ion scattering - these are the winning works in the field of physics of the 44th year of the national showcase of high school scientific activities. The students were presented their awards by the FZU director Michael Prouza and his deputy Antonín Fejfar.

After two years, thanks to the #socjededal initiative, the competition was restored in a face-to-face format, and sixteen finalists competed in physics alone. "Your choice of physics was definitely the right one. It is a field in which we have long held leading positions, and this is evidenced by the recently published results of the 2022 Shanghai ranking by field, which compares universities worldwide," Antonín Fejfar began the awarding ceremony and at the same time excused Jakub Hadač’s absence. Jakub placed second in the competition and collected his cheque in Prague later.

"I am happy to meet talented students who have fallen under the spell of physics, and I hope that the visit to our unique laboratories motivated you to the offered internships and that after completing your studies you will join us and contribute to the solution of the fundamental problems of physics," the director of the Institute of Physics, Michael Prouza, welcomed the students.

Then it was the awarded students’ turn. "This year I entered a modified Maturita exam paper titled Coilgun. My supervisor wanted me to have entered the paper the previous year, but I didn't really want to because the competition was held online due to COVID-19," explained the winner of the competition, Mathias Pal