Spare power supply PEVOT P22

We offer for sale to the highest bidder a spare power supply PEVOT P22 - 4 - FG WILSON, 22 kVA, inventory ID: 112357,

Year of manufacture: 2010, 170 engine hours, weight 700 kg (500 kg engine + 200 kg covers), 1690 mm (l) x 865 mm (w) x 1260 mm (h).

Please deliver your bids by 18 October 2023 by 12:00 noon by post to the FZÚ AV ČR, v. v. i., Na Slovance 2, 182 00 Praha 8, or in person at the reception of FZU, Pod Vodárenskou věží 1, Praha 8.

An envelope with the bid sealed and marked “PRODEJ DA PEVOT – k rukám F. Flám”.
 In the envelope, please indicate the price without and including VAT, contact data (company, name, address, telephone, e-mail).

Payment of the purchase price before the collection of the machine by bank transfer to the account of FZU. The machine is to be collected at the expense of the purchaser, including transport from the the basement of the FZU building, room 011, to the loading bay. Please note the specific logistics of transporting the machine inside the building from the current location (the basement) to the ground floor area and to the ramp.

A purchase contract will be concluded with the selected bidder whose bid price, including VAT, is the highest.

Contact data: Flám F., phone: 2166 05 2120, 723 624 279, flam [at] fzu [dot] cz (flam[at]fzu[dot]cz)