Physics of laser-matter interaction


10305 Fluids and plasma physics (including surface physics)
20501 Materials engineering
10306 Optics (including laser optics and quantum optics) 


The main directions of the research are

  •  Precise and efficient surface texturing and ablation of different materials (metals, semiconductors, and dielectrics); producing surfaces with novel intelligent functionalities on nanoscale for applications in science and industry.
  •   Exploring extreme conditions of matter by efficient coupling of laser energy with bulk dielectrics and organic liquids.
  •  Designing new nanostructured materials using pulsed laser deposition in ambient gases and liquids.
  •  Using tunable mid-IR laser sources for exploring new perspectives for 3D structuring of bulk semiconductors and for controlled gentle modification of bio-tissues.

In all these directions, the Department is targeting on proposing novel, original solutions.

The theoretical support of the experiments is based on the experience of team members in:

  • one- and two-temperature modelling, including electron photoemission with charge separation and non-congruent vaporization of compound materials;
  • FDTD simulations of propagation of laser beam focused inside transparent materials;
  • gasdynamic modelling of laser ablation plume expansion in vacuum and ambient gases;
  • TD-DFT simulations of laser action on band-gap crystals;
  • analytical methods of plasma physics and plasmonics.
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Laser Surface Structuring for bio applications.
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