Local structure and charge trapping phenomena in novel scintillating materials with tailored composition (ScintMat)


Understanding the physical mechanisms of charge transfer and trapping, the role of structural defects and crystal structure modification is of crucial importance to push the performance of scintillation materials to the theoretical limit. Within the project, these phenomena will be addressed at atomistic level in novel scintillating materials with tailored composition, namely multicomponent garnets, complex silicates and fluorides. Advanced time-resolved pulse EPR as well as ENDOR, NMR, TSL and radiation induced absorption techniques together with the theoretical ab initio modeling will be used. The nature of intrinsic and impurity-related charge localization states, structural defects, dopants occupation and their impact on scintillation response and efficiency will be clarified. Based on complex analysis of collected data we will propose ways and predict reachable limits to improve the material performance.