Talent Academy


We are looking for: 12 students with the determination to use a laser for new discoveries
We will reveal: our research with the most powerful lasers in the world
We offer: a life-time experience and for the most talented ones also an offer of further collaboration
We are: ELI Beamlines and HiLASE laser centres

Join a team of talented upper-secondary school students and become part of the Talent Academy! Up-to-date information is available on Talentovka.cz. Registration for next year will be open on this web page.

In regular intervals, ELI Beamlines and HiLASE laser centres in Dolních Břežany offer upper-secondary school students a chance to participate in the Talent Academy and to try work of scientists in professional laboratories. In this unique way, these top-class scientific centres help to educate the next generation of scientists. The best Talent Academy participants are offered further collaboration in the form of study visits during which students participate in real scientific projects side by side with outstanding laser physicists.

What is awaiting the twelve finalists:

  • You will get hands-on experience of scientific teams and laser centre operation.
  • You will try to work in a clean laser laboratory which is normally accessible only to certain FZU and ELI ERIC employees.
  • For three days, you will become a crucial part of a research team and you will practically extend your knowledge in the area of laser technologies.
  • You will have a scientist from the laser centre as your mentor and under his/her supervision you will work in a team on a joint project.
  • You will have a chance to propose a solution, perform an experiment, evaluate data and present results.
  • If you prove yourself, we will offer you further collaboration with our scientists and the possibility of further development.
  • The main language of the Talent Academy is Czech but communication with some lecturers might be in English.

You can find more about recent Talent Academy runs: 2022, 2020+12019, 2018

Contact persons in case of questions:
HiLASE (FZU): Radka Kozáková, Radka [dot] Kozakova [at] hilase [dot] cz (Radka[dot]Kozakova[at]hilase[dot]cz), 601 560 164
ELI Beamlines (ELI ERIC): Hana Strnadová, Hana [dot] Strnadova [at] eli-beams [dot] eu (Hana[dot]Strnadova[at]eli-beams[dot]eu), 601 560 333