Optical spectroscopy of impurities and point defects in crystals, ceramics, thin films, and nanostructures of dielectric and semiconducting materials such as ABO3 perovskite type oxides, graphene or nanocrystalline diamond. Measurement and analysis of emission and excitation spectra of photoluminescence, glow curves of thermoluminescence, and absorption spectra in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectral range with the aim to reveal optically active centers and charge traps, determine their structure and energy levels, and identify electron transitions responsible for optical properties of studied defects. Formation of optically active centers, their structure and optical properties are studied in dependence on composition of the samples, conditions of their preparation, size and shape of nanoparticles or thin film thickness and substrate used. Special attention is paid to the effect of phase transitions on optical properties of transition metal and rare earth ions. Then ions of suitable impurities are used as a spectroscopic probe to study structure, phase transitions, and size effects in nanomaterials.

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