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Non-equilibrium dynamics of electrons and charge or energy transfer in nanoscopic systems

Our research is focused on time-dependent electronic processes in nanoscopic systems. We study tunneling of electrons through bridges between massive metallic leads under strongly non-equilibrium conditions given by the electric bias between both leads and by rapid changes of the acting fields or of the boundary conditions (switching or modification of the tunneling junctions). The leads being transition metals have a complex spectral structure and may be in a magnetic state. The emerging transient currents are magentically polarized and their time structure depends on the prehistory of the process studied in interplay with the time correlations imposed by the complex tunneling functions. We also study impact of electron-phonon interactions on charge or energy transfer in specific nanodimensional materials such as conducting polymers.
People involved: kalvovaatfzu [dot] cz (Anděla Kalvová), kralatfzu [dot] cz (Karel Král), velickyatkarlov [dot] mff [dot] cuni [dot] cz (Bedřich Velický)
Representative publication(s):
A. Kalvová, V. Špička and B. Velický: Transient Magnetic Tunneling Mediated by a Molecular Bridge, Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 28:1087-1091 (2015).
K. Král and M. Menšík, Transfer of Energy or Charge between Quasi-Zero- Dimensional Nanostructures, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Transport, 45 (2016) 243-255