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SPIE PHOTONICS WEST – the world’s largest photonics technologies event focusing on research in biomedical optics, biophotonics, industrial lasers, optoelectronics, microfabrication, MOEMS-MEMS, displays, quantum technologies, including quantum 2.0, etc.

It is also an opportunity to meet with our colleagues Tomas Mocek, Sanin Zulic, Petr Hauschwitz and Michal Chyla. To book a meeting, please feel free to contact them at solutions [at] hilase [dot] cz (solutions[at]hilase[dot]cz) or by LinkedIn Messaging. They will be more than happy to discuss one of the topics below with you and help you to find the right laser solution for your business.

Why to meet with us? We successfully work together with a number of leading companies operating in various industries, from optical component manufacturers to the automotive industry. We will evaluate your problem and propose and test suitable solution – for example how to improve your product or make the manufacturing process more effective. We can also provide support during the implementation process.

Do not miss the presentation of Petr Hauschwitz: Towards mass production of functionalized plastic components via multi-beam nanostructuring of moulds on 31 January 2023 at 2:00 PM PST at Moscone Center, Room 208, Level 2 South. Click here for more details and full version of the article.