EUSpec meeting: Ab-initio correlated methods in spectroscopy
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GW, DMFT, ...

Sergey Artyukhin: Magnetoelectric Coupling through the Spin Flop Transition in Ni3TeO6

Silke Biermann: First principles calculations for correlated materials: Rethinking the interface between electronic

Jindrich Kolorenc: Core-Level Spectra in the Dynamical Mean-Field Theory

Peter Koval: G0W0 using localized basis sets: a benchmark for molecules

Sergey Mankovsky: Thermal effects in electronic structure

Alberto Marmodoro: Selected aspects of non-local CPA

Igor di Marco: DMFT and spectroscopy: from transition metals compounds to elemental lanthanides

Dmitrii Nabok: Accurate all-electron G0W0 quasiparticle energies employing the full-potential augmented planewave method

Lucia Reining: A direct approach to the calculation of many-body Green's functions: Theoretical spectroscopy beyond quasi-particles

Mark van Schilfgaarde: QSGW + Magnetic DMFT, and its Application to Ni

Malte Schuler: Influence of non-local interactions on the Mott metal-insulator transition

Alexander Shick: Racah materials: role of atomic multiplets in intermediate valence systems

Francesco Sottile: Theoretical Spectroscopy: new frontiers for photoemission and inelastic X-ray scattering

Anna Taranukhina: Multichannel multiple scattering in the real-space Green’s function formalism: description of electron-hole correlation effects in XAS

Jan Tomczak: Theoretical Spectroscopies of Correlated Materials

Christian Vorwerk: Correlation effects in core-level spectroscopy

Karel Vyborny: Ellipsometry matches ab initio calculated optical properties: band structure confirmed?

Data exchange format

Micael Oliveira: Data Exchange Concepts for Electronic Structure Codes within the CECAM Electronic Structure Library

Experimental results

Marco Grioni: Experimental studies of correlated materials by ARPES and resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS)

Jan Honolka: XMCD of single atoms and clusters on surfaces: physisorbed and chemisorbed cases

Andrivo Rusydi: High-energy optical conductivity on oxides interfaces and correlated electron systems

Vladimir Strocov: Electrons and polarons at oxide interfaces

Introduction Speakers Program Practical information