Prof. RNDr. Václav Janiš, DrSc.

Theoretical physics should explain Nature and her behavior not merely describe her (P. W. Anderson)

Research history & achievements

I started my research career of a condensed matter theorist in 1983 after finishing my PhD program on mathematical methods in quantum physics with the emphasis on the path-integral technique. Since then I have been following five principal areas of research:

  1. Development of many-body Green function and diagrammatic techniques
  2. Transport properties of disordered electron systems and Anderson localization
  3. Falicov-Kimball model and X-ray edge problem
  4. Strongly correlated electrons and Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
  5. Mean-field theory of spin glasses and replica symmetry breaking

My most significant contributions to these fields are summarized in Achievements.

Present and Future Research

My present research interests are in part continuation of my long-standing effort to understand the microscopic origin of collective phenomena in correlated and disordered electron systems. The emphasis turned, however, more towards a consistent description of (quantum) critical non-standard behavior where simple mean-field and weak-coupling approaches fail. The motivation for and the status of my present research activities are presented in Active projects.