Zdeněk Výborný



1944           Zlín,   Czechoslovakia


1961-63     Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University, Prague (MFF UK)

1963-67     Faculty of Physics of the Lomonosov State University, Moscow (MSU)
speciality:   physics of semiconductors
1967           rigorous exams at MFF UK
speciality:   experimental physics
1974-77     doctoral study at the Institute of Physics Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prague
speciality:   solid-state physics, luminescence


1967-93     TESLA-Research Institute for Radiocommunications, Prague

speciality:   R&D of technology and measurement of modern semiconductor devices
(a head of the laboratory):

1967-80     LEDs and displays
(together with transferring the technology into production in TESLA Vrchlabí during 1975-80)

1980-86 High-speed digital integrated circuits ( ICs) on GaAs

1985-90 ICs on GaAs for optoelectronics

1987-93 Technology of IC packaging

1993-98       P-sensor Ltd., Prague

speciality:   R&D and production - technology and measurement of semiconductor silicon pressure sensors

1998 -         Institute of Physics AS CR, Prague

speciality:   research of technology and properties of microsystems on semiconductors incl. A3B5epitaxial heterostructures,
lithographic techniques, advancement of the laboratory of photolithography and electron-beam nanolithography

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