Food webs

Network properties, species abundance and evolution in a model of evolutionary ecology
The impact of non-linear functional responses on the long-term evolution of food web structure
Barbara Drossel , Alan McKane , Christopher Quince
Deleting species from model food webs
Christopher Quince , Paul Higgs , Alan McKane
Topological structure and interaction strengths in model food webs
Christopher Quince , Paul Higgs , Alan McKane
Analytical solution of a model for complex food webs
Robust Patterns in Food Web Structure
Self-organized Instability in Complex Ecosystems
Simple rules yield complex food webs
Stabilization of Chaotic and Non-Permanent Food Web Dynamics
Topological Properties of Food Webs: From Real Data to Community Assembly Models
Two Degrees of Separation in Complex Food Webs
Scaling relations in food webs
Effects of preference for attachment to low-degree nodes on the degree distributions of a growing directed network and a simple food-web model
NOAA GLERL Impact of Exotic Invertebrate Invaders on Food Web Project
NOAA GLERL Impact of exotic invertebrate invaders on food web structure and function in the Great Lakes project: a network analysis approach
Compartments revealed in food-web structure : Abstract : Nature
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[0706.4249] Solution of the Unanimity Rule on exponential, uniform and scalefree networks: A simple model for biodiversity collapse in foodwebs
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