Molecules off equilibrium

Fluctuation theorems

Jarzynski identity

C. Bustamante , J. Liphardt , F. Ritort
Journal-ref: Physics Today, vol. 58 (2005) 43-48

Work probability distribution in single molecule experiments
Inequivalence of Statistical Ensembles in Single Molecule Measurements
Supurna Sinha , Joseph Samuel
Mechanical Stretching of Proteins: Calmodulin and Titin
Marek Cieplak
Simultaneous current-, force- and work function measurement with atomic resolution
On practical applicability of the Jarzynski relation in statistical mechanics: a pedagogical example
An experimental test of the Jarzynski equality in a mechanical experiment
F. Douarche (Phys-ENS), S. Ciliberto (Phys-ENS), A. Petrosyan (Phys-ENS), I. Rabbiosi (Phys-ENS)
Distribution of work in isothermal non-equilibrium processes
Unified Treatment of Quantum Fluctuation Theorem and Jarzynski Equality in Terms of microscopic reversibility
Inferring DNA sequences from mechanical unzipping: an ideal-case study
V. Baldazzi , S. Cocco , E. Marinari , R. Monasson
Estimate of the free energy difference in mechanical systems from work fluctuations: experiments and models
Frederic Douarche (Phys-ENS), Sergio Ciliberto (Phys-ENS), Artem Petrosyan (Phys-ENS)
Work distribution functions for hysteresis loops in a single-spin system
Nonequilibrium Potential Function of Chemically Driven Single Macromolecules via Jarzynski-Type Log-Mean-Exponential Work
Equilibrium free energies from fast-switching trajectories with large time steps
Wolfgang Lechner , Harald Oberhofer , Christoph Dellago , Phillip L. Geissler
Work probability distribution in systems driven out of equilibrium
Jarzynski equality for the Jepsen gas
I. Bena , C. Van den Broeck , R. Kawai
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Validity condition of the Jarzynski relation for a classical mechanical system
Jaeyoung Sung
Phys. Rev. E 56, 5018 (1997): Jarzynski - Equilibrium free-energy differences from...
Flaw of Jarzynski's equality when applied to systems with several degrees of freedom
Reply to comments by D.H.E. Gross
Christopher Jarzynski
Reply to Jarzynski's comment cond-mat/0509344
Force Unfolding Single RNAs: from Equilibrium to Far-from Equilibrium
Fei Liu , Zhong-can Ou-Yang
Entropy production along a stochastic trajectory and an integral fluctuation theorem
Udo Seifert
Journal-ref: Phys Rev Lett, 95, 040602, 2005
Work distribution and path integrals in general mean-field systems
Breakdown of the Jarzynski relation for an adiabatic stretching of an isotropic spring
Jaeyoung Sung
Note on cond-mat/0510119: Jarzynski equation for adiabatically stretched rotor
Markus Bier
Reversible Unfolding of Single RNA Molecules by Mechanical Force -- Liphardt et al. 292 (5517): 733 -- Science
Equilibrium Information from Nonequilibrium Measurements in an Experimental Test of Jarzynski's Equality -- Liphardt et al. 296 (5574): 1832 -- Science
Calculating potentials of mean force and diffusion coefficients from nonequilibirum processes without Jarzynski's equality
Non-equilibrium work relations
Jorge Kurchan
Direct evaluation of large-deviation functions
Cristian Giardina' , Jorge Kurchan , Luca Peliti
Illustration of the Jarzynski nonequilibrium work relation for an ideal gas
Rhonald C. Lua
Work-probability distribution in systems driven out of equilibrium
Unified treatment of the quantum fluctuation theorem and the Jarzynski equality in terms of microscopic reversibility
Fluctuations of work from quantum subensembles: The case against quantum work-fluctuation theorems
Fluctuation and dissipation of work in a Joule experiment
Work distribution functions in polymer stretching experiments
A simple proof of the Jarzynski equality?
Frédéric Douarche (Phys-ENS)
Reply to Note on cond-mat/0510270: Jarzynski equation for adiabatically stretched rotor
Jaeyoung Sung
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of small-scale systems
J.M. Rubi
Verification of the Crooks fluctuation theorem and recovery of RNA folding free energies
D. Collin , F. Ritort , C. Jarzynski , S. B. Smith , I. Tinoco , C. Bustamante
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A possible generalized form of Jarzynski equality
Z. C. Tu , Zicong Zhou
A one-dimensional model for theoretical analysis of single molecule experiments
Erik Van der Straeten , Jan Naudts
Fluctuation Theorems of Brownian Particles Controlled by a Maxwell's Demon
Kyung Hyuk Kim , Hong Qian
Time-symmetric fluctuations in nonequilibrium systems
Christian Maes , Maarten H. van Wieren
Evaluation of free energy landscapes from manipulation experiments
Heat Fluctuations in Brownian Transducers
A. Gomez-Marin , J.M. Sancho
Journal-ref: Phys. Rev. E 73, 045101(R) (2006)
Fluctuation symmetries for work and heat
Marco Baiesi , Tim Jacobs , Christian Maes , Nikos S. Skantzos
Inequivalence of statistical ensembles in single molecule measurements
Three-dimensional bead position histograms reveal single-molecule nanomechanics
Probability distributions of the work in the 2D-Ising model
Christophe Chatelain (LPM), Dragi Karevski (LPM)
A proof of Jarzynski's non-equilibrium work theorem for dynamical systems that conserve the canonical distribution
Elisabeth Scholl-Paschinger , Christoph Dellago
Work fluctuations for a Brownian particle between two thermostats
Paolo Visco
Path-integral analysis of fluctuation theorems for general Langevin processes
Vladimir Y. Chernyak (Wayne State), Michael Chertkov (LANL), Christopher Jarzynski (LANL)
Heat fluctuations in Brownian transducers
Rare events and the convergence of exponentially averaged work values
Fluctuation theorems for quantum master equations
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[cond-mat/0612423] Asymmetry of the work probability distribution
[cond-mat/0701003] Comment on "Failure of the Jarzynski identity for a simple quantum system"
[cond-mat/0701303] Work Fluctuations and Stochastic Resonance
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[cond-mat/0703189] Fluctuation theorems: Work is not an observable
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[0706.1994] On the Quantum Jarzynski Identity
[0706.3749] Quantum Operation Time Reversal


Breakdown of Gallavotti-Cohen symmetry for stochastic dynamics
R. J. Harris , A. Rákos , G. M. Schuetz
Fluctuation theorem for currents and Schnakenberg network theory
David Andrieux , Pierre Gaspard
Fluctuation theorem for constrained equilibrium systems
T. Gilbert , J. R. Dorfman
Fluctuation theorem applied to the Nos\'e-Hoover thermostated Lorentz gas
Thomas Gilbert
Fluctuation theorems for quantum master equations
Massimiliano Esposito , Shaul Mukamel
Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and entropy production in a classical infinite system of rotators
[cond-mat/0606477] Entropy, Nonequilibrium, Chaos and Infinitesimals
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Experimental test of Hatano and Sasa's nonequilibrium steady-state equality
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Single molecule experiments in biophysics: exploring the thermal behavior of nonequilibrium small systems
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Work and heat fluctuations in two-state systems: a trajectory thermodynamics formalism
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Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of RNA pulling experiments
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The Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Small Systems
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[cond-mat/0606254] Force dependent fragility in RNA hairpins
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[0706.0559] Measuring thermodynamic length
[0706.1134] Comment on: Failure of the work-Hamiltonian connection for free energy calculations
[0707.0439] Work and heat probability distribution of an optically driven Brownian particle: Theory and experiments
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Brownian motors: noisy transport far from equilibrium
Peter Reimann (Universitaet Augsburg)
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Molecular Chemical Engines: Pseudo-Static Processes and the Mechanism of Energy Transduction
Kazuo Sasaki
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Detecting a true quantum pump effect
Colin Benjamin
Oscillations in molecular motor assemblies
Two-body problem in periodic potentials
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Physics of Transport and Traffic Phenomena in Biology: from molecular motors and cells to organisms
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Dynamic Phase Transitions in Coupled Motor Proteins
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Kinesin HomePage
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reu.pdf (application/pdf Object)
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Driven quantum transport on the nanoscale
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Twirling DNA Rings - Swimming Nanomotors Ready for a Kickstart
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[cond-mat/0701168] Designing phoretic micro- and nano-swimmers
[cond-mat/0701445] Dipole-induced vortex ratchets in superconducting films with arrays of micromagnets
[cond-mat/0701522] Heteropolymer translocation through nanopores
[cond-mat/0701505] Analytical Solution to Transport in Brownian Ratchets via Gambler's Ruin Model
[cond-mat/0702668] Dissipationless Directed Transport in Rocked Single-Band Quantum Dynamics
[physics/0702194] Traffic phenomena in biology: from molecular motors to organisms
[quant-ph/0702066] Rectification of the lateral Casimir force in a vibrating non-contact rack and pinion
[cond-mat/0703492] Information and flux in a feedback controlled Brownian ratchet
[cond-mat/0703583] Interaction Between Motor Domains Can Explain the Complex Dynamics of Heterodimeric Kinesins
[physics/0703048] Illusion of Control in a Brownian Game
[cond-mat/0703404] Anomalous Dynamics of Unbiased Polymer Translocation through a Narrow Pore
[0704.1911] Motor driven microtubule shape fluctuations - force from within the lattice
[0704.3692] Analytically solvable model of a driven system with quenched dichotomous disorder
[0704.3794] Non-equilibrium mechanics and dynamics of motor activated gels
[0704.3802] Entropic Studies of Cytoskeletal Motors Jamming
[0704.3817] Trapping mechanism in overdamped ratchets with quenched noise
[0704.3955] Characterisation of a three-dimensional Brownian motor in optical lattices
[0705.0138] Symmetry Relations for Trajectories of a Brownian Motor
[0705.0690] Dynamic Properties of Molecular Motors in Burnt-Bridge Models
[0705.2057] The geometric theory of mesoscopic stochastic pump and reversible ratchet effects
[0705.2594] Molecular Spiders in One Dimension
[0705.2596] Molecular Spiders with Memory
[0705.2669] Motion-reversal in a simple microscopic swimmer
[0705.2905] Brownian ratchets driven by asymmetric nucleation of hydrolysis waves
[0705.3463] Transient rectification of Brownian diffusion with asymmetric initial distribution
[0705.4041] Multidimensional coupling in a controllable three-dimensional Brownian motor in optical lattices
[0706.1496] Time-Delayed Feedback control of a flashing ratchet
[0706.3276] The ratchet effect and the transporting islands in the chaotic sea
[0706.3726] Reversible stochastic pump currents in interacting nanoscale conductors
[0706.4466] Flux enhancement and multistability induced by time delays in a feedback controlled flashing ratchet
[0707.0901] Effect of time delay on feedback control of a flashing ratchet


Stationary nonequilibrium statistical mechanics


[cond-mat/0606022] Quantum-based Mechanical Force Realization in Pico-Newton Range
[physics/0612252] Towards absolute calibration of optical tweezers
[physics/0702044] Collecting single molecules with conventional optical tweezers
[physics/0702047] Nanotrapping and the thermodynamics of optical tweezers
Magnetic Tweezers
Optical Tweezers Introduction
Optical Tweezers
[physics/0607286] Modelling optical micro-machines
[cond-mat/0609276] Colloidal transport through optical tweezer arrays


[cond-mat/0611003] A simple model for protein mechanical unfolding
[cond-mat/0612433] Measuring the energy landscape roughness and the transition state location of biomolecules using single molecule mechanical unfolding experiments
[cond-mat/0703040] Isolated Non-Equilibrium Systems in Contact
[cond-mat/0703455] Organic Spintronics
[0706.2818] Protein mechanical unfolding: a model with binary variables


[0706.0393] Micro- and Macrorheological Properties of Isotropically Cross-linked Actin Networks
[0706.0388] Cross-linker unbinding and self-similarity in bundled cytoskeletal networks

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