Jaroslav Šesták
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     Awards and honors
     Publications, books
     TA laboratory instrumentation
     Science, philosophy and politics


      Photoexhibits view
      10th Anniversary Photoexhibit'98
      Black and white photos
      Kyoto-Franzensbad 2005
      Scene of colors
      22nd photoexhibit, Municipal House 2010



  BOOKS: Full texts (download/duplicate free)
      Thermodynamic applications concerning constrained states: Thermodynamic history, kinetic diagrams, glasses, phases characterization. Internal Report by the Institute of Physics (Academy of Sciences), 310 pp, 5 chapters, FZU, Prague 1990
      Special Materials and Modern Technologies: processing theory, single-crystal-growth, organic semiconductors, magnetics, energy conversion; 688 pp in Czech, 12 multipart chapters , Academia, Praha 1993 (ISBN 80-200-0148-4)
      Heat, thermal analysis and society, Nucleus 2004, 380pp, 20 chapters (ISBN 80-86225-54-2)
      Abstract Thermodynamics: states, manipulation, space and special structures, 174 pp, 6 chapters by OPS Nymburk, Pilzen 2006 (ISBN 80-239-6075-X).
      Thermal physics of structure of crystalline and noncrystalline materials, Pardubice 2008, 345pp in Czech (ISBN 978-80-7395-023-1)
      Some thermodynamic, structural and behavioral aspects of materials accentuating noncrystalline states, OPS Plzeň 2009 with 610pp, 28 chapters, 2009 (ISBN 978-80-87269-06-0) and second addition 2011 (ISBN 978-80-87269-20-6)
      Selected topics of textile and material science, Liberec-Plzeň 2011, 404pp, 31 chapters, (ISBN 978-80-261-0062-1)
      Science of heat and thermophysical studies (thermal analysis), Elsevier 2005
      Světem badatele - kniha životopisných esejí z cest a vědy, OPS 2015
  BOOKS: Contents (of copyrighted books since 1990)
      Kinetic phase diagrams: nonequilibrium phase transitions, Elsevier 1991
      Glassy, amorphous and nano-crystalline materials, Springer 2011
      Thermal analysis of micro-, nano- and non-crystalline materials, Springer 2013
      Thermal physics and thermal analysis, Springer 2017

  Recent (and some historical) publications (modern trends in thermal science of materials - clustered topical issue papers)
      Caloric theory and thermodynamics
      Thermodynamics-constitutive eq-kinetics
      Estimation of thermodynamic data
      Citation records and chronicle, history
      TA and ICTA history and development
      History/philosophy: fire, heat and caloric
      DTA theory in historical view
      Theory of DTA and the role of heat inertia
      Nonisothermal kinetics by TA and use of fractals
      Early kinetic treaties by TA
      Crystallization kinetics of glasses
      Quantum thermal physics-temperature
      Periodic reaction, transport constitutive equations and quantum diffusion
      Some attributes of historical glass research
      Glasses, glassy state and its investigation
      Glasses-origin, theory, glass formation criteria, crystallization
      Special glasses: tektites, geo-polymers, bio-glasses, water
      Biomaterials and inorganic biocompatibility
      Climate and nature


  Topical invited lectures
      Theory of DTA and the role of heat inertia
      Nonisothermal kinetics by thermal analysis
      Personalities of thermal science and analysis
      50 let u termické analýzy- Česká cesta, Brno 2013
      Glasses-origin, theory and properties
      Biomaterials and inorganic biocompatibility
      Cryopreservation of plants and bioglasses
      Micro- and macro-world of thermal science
      Energetics today and tomorrow-politics vs. science
      Use of hydrogen in energy store and sharing

    TA autonomous news
      Special ICTA news 2001
      Special ICTA news 2005
      Brno CWGTA meeting 2007
      Brazilian conference 2008
      Special ICTA news 2012
      Some history photos from societies

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