Seminar slides and teaching information

Past courses:

2008/2009 winter semester: Introduction to String Theory
2009/2010 winter semester: Introduction to Supersymmetry (jointly with J. Raeymaekers)

Future courses:

2009/2010 summer semester: Selected Topics from Superstring Theory (2/3 given by J. Raeymaekers)
2010/2011 winter semester: Introduction to String Theory (in case of sufficient interest)

The lecture course Selected topics from Superstring Theory is tentatively planned for Thursday's at 9:00-11:15 in room 945 (MFF UK, Troja). The first lecture will take place on around mid-March, 2010 9:00-11:15.

Seminar slides in Czech:

40 years of string theory (Fall 2008) uses Tex4PPT
Oslavy Prahy (Summer 2009)
Colloquium at FZU (Fall 2009) uses Tex4PPT

Seminar slides in English:

The slides of my recent talk Status Report on String Field Theory given at the Joint Seminar in Scuola Normale at Pisa can be found at the superfields website or here.

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