Martin Schnabl

Institute of Physics AS CR CS   EN  
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      Phone: +420 2 6605 2650
      Fax: +420 2 8658 5443

      Institute of Physics AS CR
      Na Slovance 2
      Prague 8, CZ-18221
      Czech Republic

      Our string theory group

Research Interests

At present I am mostly interested in String Field Theory. This is an offshell formulation of string theory that has proven useful so far to describe tachyon condensation on unstable D-brane systems. I am working on exact analytic classical solutions but in the near future I wish to study some more challenging topics such as quantum effects in string field theory and/or explore possible applications to more physical questions.

In the past I have been also interested in stable domain walls with fake-supersymmetry, non-commutative geometry and field theory and various aspects of anomalies.

List of publications

2007 EURYI Award

On 27th of September 2007 I have received the 2007 European Young Investigator Award from EUROHORC's and ESF. The award is a five year grant that helped me create an independent string theory group at Institute of Physics at the Czech Academy of Sciences starting in Fall 2008. For a project description and more information see the official release. Occasionally there might appear some postdoctoral positions. Information for students who would like to pursue their PhD in string theory will appear soon. In the meantime please send me an email.

For slides of some of my talks and information on teaching click here.