Eduard Hulicius

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Group subject:

Quantum size MOVPE grown AIIIBV nanostructures

Name and Curriculum vitae of contact person:

Eduard Hulicius (Ing., CSc )


Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Position - Head of MOVPE laboratory

Fields of scientific activity:

• Semiconductor lasers, LED and laser structures especially for mid-infrared wavelength region.

• MOVPE technology, AIIIBV layers, heterostructures and nanostructures with emphasis on nanotechnology.

• Characterisation of optical, electrical and structural properties of semiconductors.

• The supervisor of 7 diploma theses, 7 PhD and CSc theses and 2 post-doc projects.


Author or co-author of more than 180 scientific publications (36 were published in international journals) to which more than 90 references appeared in the literature. Amongst these there are joint papers with the University of Montpellier, University of Alberta, FTI Leningrad, Inst of Phys RuAS, University of Leipzik, HMF lab. Grenoble, RWTH Aachen, AIXTRON, TU Berlin, EPICHEM, FhI Ga-Pa, EI-SAS, and FMF-UK, FS-MU, FEE-, FJFI-, FME-CTU, ICHT, T. Blatná, IREE-CAS. 18 invited conference papers and also contributions to three books.

Selected study stays abroad:

In 1977 3 months stay at Lebedev Inst. - FIAN Mocow (lab. of Prof. P.G. Eliseev, dep. of Prof. A.N. Basov).

In 1986 4 months stay at University of Alberta, Faculty of Sciences, Edmonton (lab. of Prof. F.L. Weichman).

In 1986 1 month invitation to lectures at Indian TU: Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Madras.

From 1976 to 2004 -15 times from 1 to 5 weeks in Ioffe Inst. FTI St. Petersburg.

Grant project activities:

Contractor or co-ordinator of 16 Grant projects (EU, GAČR, GAAV, MŠMT) and in 10

others I have been as a participant during last 12 years. The projects are from these three fields: Semiconductor lasers, LEDs and laser structures; Porous-Si and porous-GeSi; MOVPE technology, AIIIBV layers, structures and devices.

Selected international projects:

Contractor of: COPERNICUS (Contr. No. CIPA-CT94-0158) (1995-1996), COSTE, LIMOVAC Proposal No. ERB 3510 PL 92 9657, Contract No. CIPA-CT93-0161, (1994-97), ITS RTD, GLADIS Proposal No 2001-35178 (2002-5).

Participation in: EC-PECO-CT 927839(1993-96) and INCO COPERNICUS ADMIRAL, Contr. No. BRPR CT97 0466, Project No. BE 97-4155, (1997-2000).

Co-ordinator of: EC European Nanotechnology Network - Index: 52 "MOVPE prepared materials and structures for electronics and optoelectronic devices (2001- )".


Industrial applications and external co-operation: more than 50 cooperations - Czech Rep., Europe, USA.

Selected related publications from last 5 years:

• J. Pangrác, J. Oswald, E. Hulicius, K. Melichar, V. Vorlíček, I. Drbohlav, and T. Šimeček: InAs/GaAs Multiple quantum dot structures grown by LP-MOVPE, Thin. Sol. Films 380, 101-104 (2000)

• F. Wilk, B. Genty, G. Fraisse, P. Boissier, M. Grech, El Gazouli, A. Joullié, P. Christol, J. Oswald, T. Šimeček, and E. Hulicius: MBE growth of InAs/InAsSb/AlAsSb struct. for midinfra. lasers, J. Cryst. Gr. 223, 341-348 (2001)

• K. Kuldová, J. Oswald, E. Hulicius, J. Pangrác, and J. Zeman: Magneto-photoluminescence study of electronic transitions of self-organised InAs/GaAs QDs mono and multilayer struct., Mat. Sci. and Eng. B88, 247-51 (2002)

• J. Humlíček, D. Munzar, K. Navrátil, M. Lorenc, J. Oswald, J. Pangrác, and E. Hulicius: Polarization anisotropy of photoluminescence from multilayer InAs/GaAs quantum dots, Physica E, 13, 229-232 (2002)

• J. Toušková, E. Samochin, D. Kindl, J. Toušek, J. Oswald, E. Hulicius, J. Pangrác, K. Melichar, and T. Šimeček: Photovoltage Spectroscopy of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Structures, J. Appl. Phys. 91, 10103-10106 (2002)

• J. Oswald, E.Hulicius, J. Pangrác, K. Melichar, T. Šimeček, O. Petříček, K. Kuldová, P. Hazdra, J. Voves: Lasers with -InAs Active Layer in GaAs, Mat. Sci. and Eng. B88, 312-316 (2002)

• P. Hazdra, J. Voves, J. Oswald, E. Hulicius, J. Pangrác, and T. Šimeček: -InAs structures embedded in GaAs grown by MOVPE characterised by electroluminescence and photocurrent spectroscopy, J. Cryst. Gr. 248C, 328-332 (2003)

Group members:

Eduard Hulicius, Tomislav Šimeček, Alice Hospodková, Jiří Pangrác, Karel Melichar, Michal Fulem, Evgenij Samochin, Jiří Oswald, Karla Kuldova, Jiří J Mareš, Jozef Krištofik, Pavel Hubík, Oliva Pacherová(FME-TU)

Main Research Subjects

related to epitaxial AIIIBV low-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures:

• reproducible preparation of two-dimensional semiconductor structures and of quantum dots with controlled parameters, using MOVPE technology, as well as the investigation of fundamental physical properties of these new systems;

• elucidation of the mechanism of charge transport and of excitation energy transfer in systems with a mixed dimensionality;

• analysis of conditions of defect creation in low-dimensional structures, characterisation of electron states related to these defects and a contribution to the explanation of their influence on transport and optical properties of the nanostructures;

• contribution to development of microphysical models of semiconductor nanostructures, experimental data obtained by a set of low-temperature magnetotransport, magnetocapacitance and optical methods;

• description of the consequences of finite collision times and resulting correlated mass with similar contributions of the condensate in systems with phase transition of the 2nd type, extension of our present Ginsburg-Landau-type theory to lower temperatures and its modification for layered structures.

Selected Specific Equipment:

• MOVPE technology (Aixtron 200 with horizontal reactor) and related technologies - evaporation, etching, ...

• Transport and capacitance methods at low temperatures, in high magnetic fields and cyclotron resonance. Equipment for magnetotransport measurements at 0.3-4.2 K, Oxford Instruments superconducting magnet up to 8 (10) Tesla, Oxford Instruments AVS-47 ultra-low excitation resistance bridge.

• Emission and luminescence spectroscopy, optical absorption and photoresistance spectroscopy, employing a newly built facility with a tuneable laser in a wide spectral range. Fully integrated, optically pumped far-infrared laser system FIRL-100 (Edinburgh Instr.). Photoinduced Current Transient Spectroscopy with a semicond. laser excitation, temperature range of 77450 K. Co-operation with very high magnetic field laboratory in Grenoble.

• Frequency dependence of complex. impedance (5 Hz - 13 MHz), capacitance/voltage (hp 4192A, mercury probe).
• High precision impedance measurement (aF - uF, 10-16 S to 10-4 S, GR 1616 capacitance system).

• Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) with sensitivity ND/NS = 10-7 and temp. range of 4.2400 K.

• Unipress high pressure compressor (0 - 1.5 GPa).

Additional recent selected publications by group members:

• J. J. Mareš, J. Krištofik, P. Hubík, X. M. Feng, J. Novák, and S. Hasenöhrl: Highly disordered two-dimensional electron system in a weak magnetic field, Europhys. Lett. 45, 374-380 (1999)

• J. J. Mareš, J. Krištofik, and P. Hubík: Bulk extended states in a two-dimensional electron gas in the quantum Hall regime, Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 4699-4702 (1999)

• K. D. Moiseev, M. P. Mikhailova, N. D. Stoyanov, Yu. P. Yakovlev, E. Hulicius, T. Simecek, J. Oswald, and J. Pangrác: Electroluminescence and photoelectric properties of type II broken-gap n-In(Ga)As(Sb)/N-GaSb heterostructures, J. Appl. Phys. 86, 6264-6268 (1999)

• J. Oswald, K. Kuldová, J. Zeman, E. Hulicius, S. Jullian, and M. Potemski: Magneto-photoluminescence study of energy levels of self- organised InAs/GaAs quantum dots, Mat. Sci. and Eng. B69-70, 318-323 (2000)

• P. Hubík, J. Krištofík, J. J. Mareš, J. Malý, E. Hulicius, and J. Pangrác: Deep levels in GaAs due to Si doping, J. Appl. Phys. 88, 6488-6494 (2000)

• A. Joulie, E. M. Scoury, M. Gaarcia, P. Grech, A. Wilk, P. Christol, A. N. Baranov; A. Behres, J. Kluth, A. Stein, K. Heime; M. Heuken; S. Rushworth; T. Šimeček, and E. Hulicius: InAs(PSb) based "W" Q-Well Laser Diodes Emitting Near 3.3. µm, Appl. Phys. Lett. 76, 2499-2501 (2000)

• J. J. Mareš, J. Krištofik, and P. Hubík: Ohm-Kirchhoff's law and screening in two-dimensional electron liquid, Physica E 12, 340-343 (2002)

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