Workshop 2006

Spectroscopy of Single Silicon Nanocrystals Jan Valenta

Recent Achievements in Spintronics Tomáš Jungwirth

Review of activities of the Center of Powder Nanomaterials Miroslav Mašláň

Diamond in nanoscale biosensing Bohuslav Rezek

Nanolithography by SPM Miroslav Bartošík

Magnetooptical Properties of Quantum Nanostuctures Milan Orlita

Nano-related activities of International Laser Centre František Uherek

Methods of Mapping Local Electron Densities in Real Space Martin Švec

Possibilities and the need of new SIMS Jan Lörinčík

Production and Applications of Polymeric Nanofibers Oldřich Jirsák

Physics of nanostructures at VŠB Jaromír Pištora

Manipulation of Atoms and Molecules Karl-Heinz Rieder

Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic Applications?? Bill Milne

From Porous Silicon to BioSilicon Applications Leigh Canham

Biofunctionalized Semiconductor Surfaces Martin Brandt

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