NGC 6960 (part of Cirrus Nebula)

Supernova remnant in Cygnus
R.A.: 20h 46m, De.: +30° 36' (J2000)
Classification: 2:3:2
Blue Magnitude: 7
Apparent Diameter: 70'x6';
from NGCIC

Date Lens Exposition
2009/08/23 80mm, f/4.8 mosaic of 6 images (30min each) (Ha)
2009/08/16 80mm, f/4.8 144min (Ha) + 120min (OIII)
2008/06/27 80mm, f/4.8 90+90m, OIII
2008/06/09 80mm, f/4.8 90+90m, Ha

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