NGC 5194 (M51)

Galaxy in Canes Venatici (pair with NGC 5195)
R.A.: 13h 29m 52.6s, De.: +47° 11' 42" (JXXXX)
Classification: Sc
Distance: 35 Mly
Apparent Magnitude: 8.9
Surface Brigthness: XXX
Apparent Diameter: 10.8'
Position Angle: XX°
from Burnahm's Celestial Handbook, XEphem, and NGCIC

Date Lens Exposition
2009/03/21 150mm, f/5 L:R:G:B=53:16:15:13 min
2009/03/17 80mm, f/6 18.0m (9x2m)
2006/06/13 80mm, f/6 21.0m (42x0.5m)

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