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The programs are free to use and distribute.
Complete Installation: Executable files for updates:


  1. Execute self-extracting installation file KalvadosInstall.exe, and then perform the requested steps in Kalvados Setup.
    OR unzip Kalvados.zip to a chosen directory (e.g. c:\Program Files), and then in the %KALVADOS% directory (e.g. c:\Program Files\Kalvados) execute SetupKalvados.exe to finish setup.
  2. In order to set path to %KALVADOS%\exe directory, add the content of the created file AddToAutoexec.txt to c:\autoexec.bat and restart computer.

===== Versions - Crystal Structure, Diffracton ==========     
  sVersion='KDist V4.45   ';   sVersionDate='08.09.2020';
  sVersion='KDif V3.24a ';     sVersionDate='16.09.2020';
  sVersion='KCryst V3.17  ';   sVersionDate='08.09.2020';
  sVersion='KPDF V3.10 ';      sVersionDate='28.04.2020';
  sVersion='KFLot V3.05 ';     sVersionDate='07.12.2018';
  sVersion='KPcr V1.52';       sVersionDate='30.08.2016';
===== Versions - Electronic structure ===================     
  sVersion='KTigBin V7.14 ';   sVersionDate='20.06.2019';
  sVersion='KonvBand V1.72';   SVersionDate='18.09.2015';
  sVersion='KonvDOS V1.61';    SVersionDate='30.10.2017';
  sVersion='BoltzEx V2.20 ';   sVersionDate='17.08.2020';
===== Versions - Other ==================================     
  sVersion='KView 1.42 ';      SVersionDate='03.03.2020';
  sVersion='KSezn V1.60';      sVersionDate='11.08.2014';
  sVersion='KGraf 3.54 ';      sVersionDate='28.03.2020';

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