Observability/minima predictions
for eclipsing binaries

The program compute observability and minima predictions for user defined
objects, observatory and horizont. If the user is interested in predictions
for one night, a nice graphic output is also displayed, which strongly
helps with plannig of observation. Minima predictions and observability
for given object can be also computed for given time period, which allows
to plan observations in advance. A lot of useful information like Moon phase,
distance from the Moon, orbital phase of the object, start and end of
the observation with repect to local horizon and time of meridian flip
is displayed in output table, so that the only thing which observer
has to care about is current weather.

Version 2.3 (May 2019)

  1. What is new: Replot button added in results window, added
    checkboxes for selection of objects to be ploted, objects in a catalog
    file can be masked according to variability type.
  2. Python 3 source code and example input files: DOWNLOAD
  3. Installation instructions: DOWNLOAD

Version 2.2 (December 2018)

  1. What is new: source code is now written in Python 3, GUI, more
    comfortable handling with catalog (CSV table) and all config files,
    user can save outputs as CSV tables, settings can be changed in
    the GUI directly.
  2. Python 3 source code and example input files: DOWNLOAD

Version 1.1 (2016)

  1. Only terminal output + figures, everything is controled with ASCII config files,
    ASCII output
  2. Python 2 source code and example input files: DOWNLOAD
  3. Manual (in Czech): DOWNLOAD