About School
9th IUVSTA school

International Summer School on Physics at Nanoscale

16th - 21th June 2008
Devět Skal, Czech Republic

About the school

The school was intended for PhD students and young researchers, i.e., those who already specialize in their fields, but who will need a wider view over the current state of physics and nanotechnology. We try to invite the speakers who represent their fields and, in addition, who could inspire the young researchers.

The school is endorsed by IUVSTA and supported by several other institutions and it is held every three years.

The school brought together 136 people (17 speakers, 94 participants and 25 company representatives) from 19 countries (Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA). 19 industrial companies presented their products or profiles at the school. The participants presented their research during the poster session with 39 posters.

School programme was devoted in particular to the fields of
  • Nanostructures, surface and thin films
  • Nanooptics and photonics
  • Nanoelectronics and spintronics
  • Nanostructured solar cells

The school speakers gave the following lectures.

Each speaker gave two lectures of 45 minutes each, with the first introductory part followed by more advanced topics scheduled usually half a day or a day later to provide time for the audience to “digest” the information and/or to provide feedback to the speaker.

In addition to the invited speakers above we have also organized Czech Nanoteam focused session with two shorter lectures by the representatives of the leading Czech research laboratories:

  • J. HOMOLA, Institute for Photonics and Electronics Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague:
    Biosensors with surface plasmons
  • B. REZEK, Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague:
    Functionalized diamond nanostructures

The participants presented their research during the poster session with 39 posters. The best posters were awarded prices as follows:

    1. J. Čermák, A. Kromka, B. Rezek: Localised charging of oxidised nano-crystalline diamond surfaces by AFM tip
    2. K. Kazlauskas, P. Vitta, A. Žukauskas, A. Dementjev, V. Gulbinas, L. Valkunas, N. Ostapenko, S. Suto – Temperature independent exciton relaxation in poly(di-n-hexylsilane) confined in nanoporous silica
    3. L. Šustr, L. Lovicar, O. Tomanec, R. Kalousek, P. Dub, T. Šikola: Excitation and Detection of Surface Plasmon Polaritons

The traditional industry evening took part on Wednesday with participation of the following companies:

  • Chromspec
  • FEI Czech Republic
  • H-Test
  • HVM Plasma
  • Q-Cells
  • Labimex
  • Manfred Baumann Science Services
  • Oerlikon Solar
  • Omicron Nanotechnology
  • On Semiconductor
  • Optaglio
  • Pfeiffer Vacuum Austria
  • Pragolab
  • RMI
  • SHM
  • Spolchemie
  • Optik Instruments
  • Tescan
  • UniExport Instruments

The company evening traditionally takes place as an exhibition where the companies present their products or profiles. Participation of the companies is important also for linking the participants with the industry. This was also subject of the panel discussion on Thursday evening which focused on the topic "How to start a high-tech company", which was moderated by Prof. A. Shah (Neuchatel University). The panel was composed of J. Klíma (CEO of Tescan Ltd., producer of SEMs) and J. Vyskocil (CEO of HVM Plasma Ltd., producing equipment for nanostructured hard coatings).

Czech Nanoteam
Brno University of Technology
Institute of Physics AS CR
Charles University
Masaryk University
Czech Technical University
J. E. Purkinje University in Usti nad Labem
Czech Physical Society
Czech Vacuum Society
Q-Cells AG OT Thalheim
ON Semiconductor
Uni-Export Instruments
HVM Plasma
Oerlikon Solar
FEI Czech Republic
RMI, s.r.o.
Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH
Pfeiffer Vacuum Austria GmbH
MBSS Science Service
H-TEST a.s.

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