Kryogenní spektroskopie s vysokým rozlišením nových ytterbiem dopovaných aktivních materiálů pro vysokoenergetické pevnolátkové lasery


The goal of the proposed project is the spectroscopic investigation and laser operation of novel Yb-doped solid-state materials at cryogenic temperatures (10K-300K range). Laser materials such as Yb:YAG, Yb:LuAG, Yb:CaF2, Yb:FP-15 glass, Yb:Lu2O3, Yb:Y2O3, Yb:YAP, Yb: KLu(WO4)2 will be characterized at cryogenic temperatures. Amplified spontaneous emission and parasitic oscillations are drastically reduced by surrounding the laser gain material with an absorbing clad. Therefore, the same measurement setup will be used to characterize saturable absorber materials such as Cr:YAG, Cr:LuAG, Sm:YAG, and Co:YAG at cryogenic temperatures. HiLASE laser group will build new diode-pumped laser resonators implementing and exploring the capabilities of these new materials with effective feedback to the crystal or ceramics development. In addition to the benefits of interdisciplinary work and access to an enlarged field of research activities, this study will lead to a deepening of the know-how base in laser research and development in the Czech Republic.