Postdoctoral Researcher positions in Cosmology, Gravity and related fields


The Central European Institute of Cosmology and Fundamental Physics (CEICO) at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague welcomes applications for Postdoctoral Researcher positions in Cosmology, Gravity and related fields.


Successful candidates are expected to have completed, or are about to complete, a PhD degree in Physics, or a related field, and work on any of the following areas of research:

  • Early Universe cosmology (e.g. origin of the Big-Bang, inflation, baryogenesis, generation of gravitational wave background)
  • Late Universe cosmology (e.g. dark matter including ultra-light dark matter, dark energy and modified gravity)
  • Numerical simulations of structure formation, including acceleration methods such as effective field theory of large-scale structure or emulators
  • Ultra-light-field searches from laboratory tests (incl. quantum sensors), cosmological, astrophysical and gravitational-wave data
  • Strong-field gravity (e.g. black-hole physics or using gravitational wave astronomy and compact objects for tests of general relativity and new physics)
  • Tests of the cosmological model and new physics using cosmological or gravitational-wave data, including statistical techniques, modelling of data and parameter estimation

Please, see for detailed information on the positions offered and the requirements, and to apply online.

The deadline for all application material (including reference letters) is 26 January 2023.


CEICO is a research centre within the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences established with funds from the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Czech Science Foundation, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the European Commission. The team’s areas of research are: cosmology, gravity, string theory, and instrumentation for cosmological observations. The Cosmology and Gravity team is headed by Costas Skordis and comprises staff members Ignacy Sawicki, Alex Vikman and Federico Urban as well as several postdocs and graduate students. CEICO values diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity.

Enquiries may be addressed to Ignacy Sawicki

Further information about CEICO and its research programmes can be found at