Ph.D. position - Dynamics of phase transitions and magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroics


Topic for the experimental dissertation in cooperation with RNDr. Stanislav Kamba, CSc., DSc. | FZU from Department of Dielectrics | FZU

Magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroics (magnetically ordered ferroelectrics) is currently a hot topic in solid state physics, not only because of the richness and complexity of the physical problems, but also because of the future potential applications in non-volatile electronic memories, electric field-controlled spin filters, magnetoelectric sensors, etc.


The aim of this work will be not only to study the dynamics of ferroelectric phase transitions often driven by optical soft phonons, but also to study the origin of static magnetoelectric coupling (i.e., changes in static magnetization by electric field) in various multiferroics. The dynamic magnetoelectric coupling responsible for the activation of magnons in terahertz dielectric spectra will also be studied. Such magnetoelectric excitations are called electromagnons and can generally be activated by different mechanisms than static magnetoelectric coupling.

Electromagnons and phonons will be investigated using terahertz, infrared and Raman spectroscopy down to liquid helium temperatures and in some cases under the influence of external magnetic and electric fields. Static magnetoelectric coupling will be measured with PPMS and SQUID instruments in the joint laboratory of FZU and MFF UK. Various materials in the form of single crystals, ceramics and thin films will be investigated.  The focus will be on multiferroics with hexaferrite and orthoferrite crystal structures, but also on modern two-dimensional multiferroics with van der Walls bonds.Please, contact the supervisor as soon as possible. He will explain you details of the application process, give you an overview of life in Prague, etc.

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