Diamond layer growth technology from gas vapor in microwave plasma


The subject matter of this Public Contract is supply (acquisition) of a pulsed microwave deposition system (2.45 GHz) operating at high power (CW ≥2 kW, pulsed mode ≥4 kW) enabling high density plasma initialization over a range of operating pressures from 5 to 50 Pa and allowing deposition on three-dimensional substrates with a height of 2 cm and a minimum area of 10 cm.

The tender documents are available for download at the Contracting Authority's profile https://www.e-zakazky.cz/profil-zadavatele/74e987e1-b4a1-4571-b8b6-2cd93fe6f932 . Any other information on the procurement procedure will also be published on the above-mentioned Contracting Authority's profile.