Recent results of the Telescope Array experiment on ultra-high energy cosmic rays


The Telescope Array (TA) is the largest ultra-high-energy cosmic ray (UHECR) detector in the Northern Hemisphere, which explores the origin and nature of UHECRs. TA is located in Utah, consisting of an array of scintillator detectors on the ground to sample the footprint of the air shower induced by UHECRs and telescopes to measure the fluorescence and Cerenkov light of the air shower. TA determines the energy spectrum and chemical composition of the primary particles, and also searches for anisotropy of arrival directions of UHECRs and their sources. We have found evidence of anisotropy of UHECRs in the northern sky. Here the recent measurements for spectrum, composition and anisotropy and the status of the TA extension will be presented.

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