Development of Materials Science in Research and Education


The Seminar and School will provide an ideal forum for the presentations and discussions of recent developments and achievements in all theoretical and experimental aspects of preparation processes, characterization and applications of materials in bulk, thin film, nano-crystalline and glassy states.

The scientific sessions will cover the following topics of materials science:

  1. Trends in development of materials research.
  2. Education of materials science at the universities.
  3. Information about the research programmes of individual institution
  • Information on equipment for preparation and characterisation of materials.
  • Results of materials science research.
  • The Seminar will include oral sessions (20 min.), as well as plenary talks (30 min.), including time for discussion, to provide broad visions of developments in different fields of material science in both research and education. The Seminar proceedings in English will contain two page papers of all presented contributions. The official languages will be Czech, Slovak and English.

    The School is intended for post-graduate students as well as fresh researchers. Researchers new to crystal growth as well as experts are encouraged to attend. Lectures by leading researchers will encompass the fundamentals and recent improvements on methods for crystals characterization, in particular with crystal defects detection. The School proceedings in Czech based on the lectures will be published before the School is started and will be provided to attendees without additional charge.
    The level of the School is intended for post-graduate and post-doctoral students as well as fresh researchers. Researchers new in this field as well as experts are encouraged to attend.

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