Accreting massive black holes and QUVIK a Czech UV space telescope



Most galaxies comparable to or larger than the mass of the Milky Way host hot, X-ray emitting atmospheres and accreting supermassive black holes. I will present results based on radio and X-ray observations, which indicate that in massive early-type galaxies the central radio sources are mostly switched on, and the mechanical jet power correlates with the mass of the central black hole. 

I will introduce the QUVIK (Quick Ultra-VIolet Kilonova surveyor) mission, which has recently been approved for funding. QUVIK, a Czech national science and technology mission, is a UV space telescope designed to study the energetic transient sky. The mission will also provide unique opportunities for studying accreting black holes, including reverberation mapping, tidal disruption events, and peculiar sources in galactic nuclei.


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