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Minulé semináře

Shadi Fatayer Charged individual molecules on insulating films by atomic force microscopy 04.09.2018 10:00
Petr Šulc, Arizona State University, USA, Ivana Víšová, Institute of Physics CAS, Barbora Smolková, Institute of Physics CAS Selected Topics in Biophysics: From Biomolecular Interactions To Complex Biological Interfaces 10.08.2018 10:00
Yukio Hasegawa, Yasuo Yoshida, and Howon Kim Real-space observation of surface orbital order by scanning tunneling microscopy 31.07.2018 10:00
Shun-Pei Miao Cosmological Coleman-Weinberg Potentials and Inflation 30.07.2018 14:00
Richard Woodard A Nonlocal Metric Realization of MOND 27.07.2018 14:00
Dr. Dam Thanh Son From fractional quantum Hall effect to field-theoretic dualities 26.07.2018 14:00
Prof. Oleg Teryaev Gravitational formfactors and pressure in elementary particles 25.07.2018 14:00
Renato Costa Singularity free Universe in double field theory 24.07.2018 14:00
Alessandro Drago What do mergers of neutron stars tell us about nuclear physics? 17.07.2018 14:00
Jarah Evslin Cosmic Expansion Anomalies as Seen by Baryon Acoustic Oscillations 12.07.2018 14:00