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Minulé semináře

Friedrich Krien Conservation in strongly correlated systems - A practical viewpoint 17.10.2017 15:00
John Mangeri Predictive computational design of multifunctional nanodielectrics 17.10.2017 10:00
Denys Musiienko Magnetic Shape Memory conquests microscopic world 16.10.2017 11:00
Shuhei Amakawa 300GHz CMOS — Can spintronics help? 16.10.2017 09:00
Larisa Panina Electromagnetic sensors for magnetic bio-detection 13.10.2017 10:00
Kay Condie Erb Introduction to NMR and MRI physics 12.10.2017 10:00
Zdenek Remes, Yu Ying Chang, Neda Neykova The hydrogen plasma doping of ZnO thin films and nanoparticles 10.10.2017 13:00
Marcin Mińkowski Analysis of collective diffusion by a variational method 05.10.2017 15:00
Dr. Marek Taševský Soft QCD Measurements at LHC & Highlights from the LEPTON PHOTON 2017 05.10.2017 14:00
N. David Mermin Making Sense of Quantum Mechanics 03.10.2017 15:00