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Postdoctoral Position in Condensed Matter Theory: Electronic Structure and Electron Correlations

A postdoctoral position is open in the Department of Condensed Matter Theory of the Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague (Czech Republic).


The target of the Department of Condensed Matter Theory is a comprehensive microscopic description of electronic and atomic properties of solids, in particular of systems with strong electron correlations, with broken translational symmetry or of systems in and out of thermodynamic equilibrium. We use advanced techniques of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, many-body theory, Green's functions, first-principles calculations and numerical simulations. See also

Job description

Development and applications of first-principles electronic-structure methods aimed at investigation of spectral, thermodynamic and transport properties of metals and their compounds with non-negligible electron correlations.

The following topics would be preferred:

  • Development of ab initio theory for efficient generation of spin accumulation, spin currents and torques based on spin-orbit interaction and ultrafast dynamics. Applications of this theory to realistic systems with a layered structure and substitutional disorder, and to prediction of new materials.
  • First-principles study of magnetic anisotropy of rare-earth atoms adsorbed on thin insulating films and of rare-earth dopants placed in the bulk of topological insulators with the prospect of designing materials for magnetic storage and spintronics applications.
  • Investigation of magnetism in uranium hydrides and pnictides using the correlated band theory (LDA+U, LDA+DMFT) in collaboration with an experimental group at the Charles University. Modeling of various core-level spectra in the LDA+DMFT framework.

Candidate’s profile

  • PhD in condensed-matter physics or in materials science
  • Profound knowledge of quantum mechanics and statistical physics
  • Proficiency in numerical calculations and programming experience

Terms and remuneration

  • The position is open from October 1, 2017 and should be filled till the end of 2017
  • Contract will be for two years with an option for renewal for next two years
  • The salary will be according to the qualification and experience of the candidate starting from CZK 35 000 (gross, approx. EUR 1300)

How to apply

Send a motivational letter, CV with your research experience, and a list of publications together with a name of one internationally established condensed-matter physicist who could support your application to Dr. Jindřich Kolorenč (kolorencatfzu [dot] cz).

Jindřich Kolorenč