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We focused essentially on measurement automation and substantial thermoelectric metrology refinement in the evaluation of thermal, thermoelectric and electric power characteristics of newly developed materials and thermoelectric modules [1].

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The research of High pressure laboratory was focused both on experimental studies (magnetic, transport and magnetotransport properties) of intermetallic compounds at extreme conditions and the investigation of novel magnetocaloric materials and corresponding magnetocaloric effects. The scope of the laboratory research included, among all, the design and construction of diamond anvil cell (DAC) for direct magnetization measurements under very high pressures.

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The work of the Electronic structure group was focused on three general topics: spin-state transitions, strong spin-orbit coupling and crystal fields on rare earth ions. The spin-state transition was investigated in materials of the LaCoO3 family. In a series of DMFT calculations we were able to reproduce the thermally and doping induced spin-state transitions and explain their microscopic mechanism [1]. The example of the calculated density of states is shown in the Fig. 1. Celý text »